How to be Daniel Ahn

To become Daniel Ahn, you should be an omni-loving person. Embrace everyone with your agape love. A faithful Christian from birth, romanticize the love story of God and his action of sacrifice. Grow your personal belief under strictly moral and selfless parents. Learn that refusing an offer is bad. Understand that the most important value of life is service for others. People will make fun of you and use you for their benefit. But, still love them. Indeed, let them make fun of you and use you for their benefit. Follow the footsteps of Jesus. With your sacrifice, the society will prosper.

Despite of your piety and faith, consistently challenge your beliefs. You should have attended church straight from your birth. Your family must be religious and conservative. You should let your environment of your youth shape you as a devout Christian and a conservative student. However, you certainly cannot allow your surroundings to rule your entire life. As you grow up and encounter more people, persistently question your canon. Confront a diverse group of people who will widen your perspective of the world. This does not imply that you should abandon your faith in Christianity and parental guidance; they are still an indispensable part of your life. But realize that the world is changing and that you must change accordingly. Indeed, start accepting and loving heterogeneous cultures of the 21st century like how Jesus did couple of millennia back. Before you know, you should have become a rather liberal advocator of the society, the embracer of the divergent humanity.

Constantly be on stage. Do not fear the mockery of the crowd, but enjoy the laughter and cheer they provide. You will in no time ridicule yourself once more. You do not need to be the best actor in the house for the art of acting does not lie in imitating well but with expressing your personal self in the context of the play. A well written play most delicately manipulates the common human emotion. All you should do is to carefully develop them to paint your beliefs in the minds of the audience using your voice, posture and reaction. With the excuse of drama, expose your liberal persona hidden behind a traditional figure. Proclaim your deep affection for the social minorities. Your audience will know who you really are.

Always prepare few ways to entertain your companions. Maybe play a couple of instruments. Or if time permits, be well versed with a dozen of instruments. Do not give up because the instrument is hard to perfect. You don’t need to play well in any of the instruments; just be able to produce tolerable sounds in all the instruments that you possibly know. The purpose of doing so is to help the whole band fill up empty sounds. Serve, with all your might, your community. Remember that sacrifice and love beyond reason is your primary character. Religion or family does not have to be the justification of your service. Your love for humanity and relationship should be the driving force of your self-immolation.


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